Friday, February 28, 2014

Kitchen Renovation 18

    Hello everyone! This week we have been given specific questions to answer about our personal 20 Time: What have you liked most/least about 20 Time? What would you have done differently with your project?
    To me, 20 Time has it's positives and negatives. It is a very inspirational project that benefits students with public speaking, time management, and passion. I think it challenges teens to find something they really enjoy and to do a little bit of soul searching in order to complete what they want. Regarding time, 20 Time does demand a lot of it, so budgeting and planning are imperative for completion and blogging. It is a project that not a lot of schools participate in so I think the concept is unique and allows some very creative ideas to result from it. However, some things on the negative side include the demanding time requirements and the struggle of finding a good topic. I am very crunched for time during the school week and 20 Time added a lot of stress. Between balancing other classes, sports, and extracurricular activities, I found myself having little to no time for my project and it really stressed me out. The stress caused me to enjoy it less and I found myself having no passion to do it anymore. Some weeks I was so busy that I couldn't get any work done, and I struggled to blog about it. Although it has it's benefits, to me 20 Time is too demanding for time every single week and I think it's the wrong project to give very busy teenagers who have other classes, sports, and activities. 
   If I could do 20 Time differently, I would involve my project somehow with a charity that I really appreciate. I feel like if I knew that I was giving back, I would be more motivated. Also, I think I didn't take my lack of time during the school year into consideration when choosing to renovate my kitchen because it's a physical, and time demanding project. I think I should have chosen something to learn or a way to give back. 

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  1. Hi Benna!
    I loved reading your reflection on what you like the most or least about the 20 Time blog! I think you provide a great deal of information of how beneficial it is for students! On the other hand, it does seem very time consuming and by participating in this has to have full dedication and want to succeed. You have been doing a great job! You are a great writer and I really enjoy reading your blogs!