Sunday, February 9, 2014

Kitchen Renovation 16

                Hello everybody! This Friday during our promised 20 Time in class, Mr. Provenzano stressed the importance of having a clear vision of what we are planning on saying during our presentations in June. I struggled a little bit with finding the perspective I wanted to give, and had a hard time finding the deeper meaning that corresponded with a kitchen renovation. I wasn't quite sure how I was going to give a memorable, insightful speech without rambling about paint swatches and cabinetry. However, after talking some things over with my Mom/mentor, I decided that I wanted to talk about how my experience taught me more about time management (something I wasn't very good at), dedication to a project/setting your mind to something, and how getting your hands dirty can have such a satisfying feeling at the end when I can finally walk into our new kitchen. I may even add how I enjoyed 20 Time and give my support for it.
              In regards to the actual kitchen, I have set up a workshop in my basement that will aid me in the rest of the painting of the cabinets and walls. I will be visiting a paint store very soon to look at wall colors with my Mom. I have also browsed for ideas for a backsplash.
              Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hi Benna!
    After reading your blog this week it seems that this project has really helped you grow as a person! Knowing that this experience taught you more about time management (which I could definitely use help as well haha), setting your mind to do something, and having that rewarding feeling of accomplishing something this big is amazing! All the factors of how long, how much, and how will I go about doing this project is crucial when designing something this big. I have to say that I give you major props for setting something like this up! Only having read your blogs for the past couple of weeks, I can really see how this project of renovating your kitchen helped you become a stronger person. Keep working at it! I'm excited to see where you end up by the end of the semester.