Sunday, February 2, 2014

Kitchen Renovation 15

Hello! This week was a busy one in the classroom due to the Huck Finn trial. Although we weren't able to work on 20 Time this Friday during class, I have given a good amount of thought to my final presentation in the spring. Our event at the end of the school year is now going to be a TedX Event! I am excited because this allows me to be an "organizer" of the event, and it will be a cool experience in general. I have thought about what my approach will be for my speech. I don't want to ramble about the process, but instead give insight about why 20 Time is beneficial to students and also explain what I have learned about taking on a big project like this. I think that the TedX sponsorship will help give more recognition to the idea of 20 Time across many schools. Also, being involved in a  TedX event will also look nice on my resume! I am excited (and a little nervous) about presenting, but I am sure that it will be fun!

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  1. Hi Benna!
    I’m so excited for you that you are going to be part of a TedX Event! This will no doubt be a great experience for you! I also like how you are going to be talking about how beneficial the 20 Time is for students and to explain your journey of using this. Blogging is a great way for all students to get what they are doing in classrooms out there! I have blogged in my past classes on experiences of being in classrooms. It was nice because my fellow classmates and I were able to comment and give positive feedback. This is a great opportunity for you!