Sunday, April 6, 2014

Kitchen Renovation 21

Hello! Over the past few weeks I have continued to paint my kitchen cabinets and I hope to finish by the end of April. As of right now, I have made painting my second priority, my Ted talk being the first. Public speaking isn't my favorite thing to do, so I have watched numerous Ted talks on Youtube to get inspiration. Although I'm not planning on memorizing an entire speech, I want to know exactly what to say regarding each slide. The slides will contain before and after pictures, as well as specific notes to help me stay on topic for durations of time. Transitioning from one topic/point to another will also need the help of my slides so it is fluid and as less choppy as possible. An outline for my speech is below: 
  • Introduce project 
  • Who I am what my big idea is and what my project is 
  • Explain briefly why it is important 
  • Transition to how your specific project helped you come to this idea
  • Talk about our project: hardships, rewards - biggest chunk of speech 
  • Then go back to the big idea mentioned in intro
  • Include solutions for problems 
  • Relate to the audience 
  • End talk by challenging people to something they wouldn't do 

90 sec intro
3 Min about project (problems, struggles, rewards, what I learned)
4 min about how this relates to big idea, solutions to problems mentioned, relate to audience, and end with challenge 

This is how I plan to outline my speech. Now, my task is to make slides and write pointers on notecards for my speech, as well as practice, practice, practice! Thanks!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Kitchen Renovation 20

Hello everyone! Despite my busy schedule, I have continued to paint the cabinets white. I have partially completed half of the cupboards and I hope to finish all of them by the end of the month. Also, I have started painting the wall, but I'm honestly unsure if I like the color. Although it may not be exciting to read about in a blog, I am excited of the progress and my vision for the finished product of the kitchen gives me a lot of hope. 
Regarding my presentation to the class, I have decided that I'm going to talk about time management and the importance of finding something you're passionate about. I am excited about the future! Thank you for reading! 
P.s. Sorry this isn't super long and in-depth, I'm currently writing this at a basketball tournament! 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Kitchen Renovation 19

Hello! I would just like to say thanks to Mr. Provenzano for reading our opinion blogs and making some changes! As far as my project goes, this week was pretty productive. I went to the paint store and picked out some wall color testers. Also, I painted one of the cabinets that had the molding filed down (this one was a test - filing down every cabinet may be too expensive so some I decided to keep). It is pictured below. Although I made this progress, I am a little worried about being done by June. I have given some more thought to my TED talk and I believe I will stress the importance of picking a good topic and how I do think 20 Time is beneficial. For now, my main goal is to continue painting as much as I can! Thanks!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Kitchen Renovation 18

    Hello everyone! This week we have been given specific questions to answer about our personal 20 Time: What have you liked most/least about 20 Time? What would you have done differently with your project?
    To me, 20 Time has it's positives and negatives. It is a very inspirational project that benefits students with public speaking, time management, and passion. I think it challenges teens to find something they really enjoy and to do a little bit of soul searching in order to complete what they want. Regarding time, 20 Time does demand a lot of it, so budgeting and planning are imperative for completion and blogging. It is a project that not a lot of schools participate in so I think the concept is unique and allows some very creative ideas to result from it. However, some things on the negative side include the demanding time requirements and the struggle of finding a good topic. I am very crunched for time during the school week and 20 Time added a lot of stress. Between balancing other classes, sports, and extracurricular activities, I found myself having little to no time for my project and it really stressed me out. The stress caused me to enjoy it less and I found myself having no passion to do it anymore. Some weeks I was so busy that I couldn't get any work done, and I struggled to blog about it. Although it has it's benefits, to me 20 Time is too demanding for time every single week and I think it's the wrong project to give very busy teenagers who have other classes, sports, and activities. 
   If I could do 20 Time differently, I would involve my project somehow with a charity that I really appreciate. I feel like if I knew that I was giving back, I would be more motivated. Also, I think I didn't take my lack of time during the school year into consideration when choosing to renovate my kitchen because it's a physical, and time demanding project. I think I should have chosen something to learn or a way to give back. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Kitchen Renovation 17

Hello everyone! This week was Mid-Winter Break, and I am happy with my progress that I made over it! Although it was hard to motivate myself to spring into action on my kitchen over this long break from school, I created my painting workshop in my basement. This consists of wall color, cabinet color, and all of my utensils. Since my mom and I didn't want to make the house a mess, I made this little area in my basement to work so I could paint parts of my kitchen down there. Eventually I will have to lay out a tarp, line the molding with tape, etc. to paint the walls and bigger areas of the kitchen upstairs, but for now and for the little things, I am pretty pleased with what I have set up downstairs.
    Other than my time doing the construction on my workshop, I have given more thought to my Ted talk in June and I even browsed the internet looking at different speeches. I have no desire to be a speaker at the TedX event but I do want to have a clear idea of what I'm going to be saying for my class/school.
   That's all for now! Thanks!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Kitchen Renovation 16

                Hello everybody! This Friday during our promised 20 Time in class, Mr. Provenzano stressed the importance of having a clear vision of what we are planning on saying during our presentations in June. I struggled a little bit with finding the perspective I wanted to give, and had a hard time finding the deeper meaning that corresponded with a kitchen renovation. I wasn't quite sure how I was going to give a memorable, insightful speech without rambling about paint swatches and cabinetry. However, after talking some things over with my Mom/mentor, I decided that I wanted to talk about how my experience taught me more about time management (something I wasn't very good at), dedication to a project/setting your mind to something, and how getting your hands dirty can have such a satisfying feeling at the end when I can finally walk into our new kitchen. I may even add how I enjoyed 20 Time and give my support for it.
              In regards to the actual kitchen, I have set up a workshop in my basement that will aid me in the rest of the painting of the cabinets and walls. I will be visiting a paint store very soon to look at wall colors with my Mom. I have also browsed for ideas for a backsplash.
              Thanks for reading!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Kitchen Renovation 15

Hello! This week was a busy one in the classroom due to the Huck Finn trial. Although we weren't able to work on 20 Time this Friday during class, I have given a good amount of thought to my final presentation in the spring. Our event at the end of the school year is now going to be a TedX Event! I am excited because this allows me to be an "organizer" of the event, and it will be a cool experience in general. I have thought about what my approach will be for my speech. I don't want to ramble about the process, but instead give insight about why 20 Time is beneficial to students and also explain what I have learned about taking on a big project like this. I think that the TedX sponsorship will help give more recognition to the idea of 20 Time across many schools. Also, being involved in a  TedX event will also look nice on my resume! I am excited (and a little nervous) about presenting, but I am sure that it will be fun!